Sustainability: our commitment to the future

We embrace sustainability as an essential part of our business operations, from sourcing and cultivation to manufacturing and production. Supporting local communities, minimizing our environmental footprint, and ensuring resources for future generations are defining values for our business. We bring together experts in the fields of science, technology, and phytology to develop innovative, sustainable solutions that provide our clients with the finest botanical extracts, while remaining conscious of our impact on the planet. Our aim is to continue discovering and implementing responsible methods of extraction that preserve the environment and natural resources, while economically empowering local communities.

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Social and environmental responsibility

A big-picture, holistic perspective on sustainability defines our strategy. Our mission is to build and strengthen sustainable business structures and practices that prioritize the wellbeing of our employees, suppliers, and the earth.

Two scientists in GMB labs in China

Beyond increasing responsible sourcing and ensuring that the suppliers we use have a positive or neutral impact on the environment, our herbal waste is recycled and transformed into organic fertilizer. Our packaging is recyclable and our manufacturing process at our factory is designed to reduce water waste and the use of solvents. For our distribution journey, we constantly analyze our Carbon footprint to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to creating a beneficial work environment for our employees.

The people who work with us are one of our greatest resources and we treat them as such. That means we support fair wages, cultivation and harvesting methods that have a positive effect on both the local economy and environment, and social programs meant to strengthen surrounding communities. We screen all of our suppliers via a thorough questionnaire that ensures their farmers receive medical insurance, educational opportunities, and access to other services, as well as investigating soil conditions and ecological impact. All of our botanicals are COSMOS certified, indicating that they meet the highest standard for natural products.

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All of our botanicals are
COSMOS approved

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GMB is committed to public welfare

Community education and empowerment

GMB supports community education initiatives across the world, which instill children and students with knowledge about the power of traditional medicinal herbs and furthers future economic development on a local scale.

Chengdu, China  

Our GMB visitors’ center in Chengdu’s BioTown regularly hosts young children for immersive workshops about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our engaging programs cover the benefits of indigenous medicinal herbs, and emphasize the importance of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

children at visitors’ center in Chengdu’s BioTown
Guides in visitors’ center in Chengdu’s BioTown
children at the visitors’ center in Chengdu’s BioTown

Tel Aviv, Israel

We partner with local high schools for a work-based learning (WBL) program, which allows students to learn directly from industry experts. Students visit our labs for demonstrations about the development process of active herbal combinations, giving them critical insights into the day-to-day work in our industry.

 students learn directly from industry experts.
 students learn directly from industry experts.
 students learn directly from industry experts.