Our expertise and process

GMB is guided by our team of in-house, industry-leading experts throughout all the stages of our product development and production processes.

Our diverse professionals include scientists and engineers with extensive experience in the biomedical and botanical spaces. We also partner with academic researchers and collaborate with external consultants to remain at the forefront of industry developments.

A scientist in GMB holding a test
We also partner with academic researchers and collaborate with external consultants to remain at the forefront of industry developments.
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Our research partners
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* GMB is collaborating with researchers at Tel Aviv University (through Ramot at Tel Aviv University’s industrial services program)under which we are investigating the biological activities of medicinal plant extracts in cellular and microbial models relevant to human health

Botanical mastery

Because all GMB products are derived from medicinal plants, our research teams are experts in the fields of biology, botany and more. We deeply understand the plants and the extraction process, from a micro to macro level, including their physiology and their phytochemicals.

The wisdom and real-world experience of our plant growers and suppliers provides a complementary level of expertise, which has proved invaluable to us throughout the development process. 

GMB embraces wide perspectives and sources of knowledge, from folk and traditional practices to advanced, clinically-tested and biologically-focused research, to provide unique botanical extracts that are of premium quality, effective, and safe.

We are committed to sustainable business practices, from field to manufacturing to distribution, in order to protect biodiversity for future generations.

A scientist in GMB holding a test

Innovation and research

We aim to discover and prove synergies between extracts from different plants. Our synergistic blends are protected by four internationally-recognized patents, protecting our research and competitive edge in the market.  

These blends, Botaniplex™, which contain multiple biological activities, have the power to simultaneously ease and address symptoms of numerous skin conditions. Our experts follow the latest scientific literature to identify new botanical materials of potential value for the dermocosmetic market. Leveraging their vast research experience, our team regularly identifies and tests bioactive materials under the most stringent scientific standards.

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Our unique process

We use proprietary methods, developed in-house, for the industrial-scale extraction and purification of our botanical ingredients. The final extracts are free of unwanted materials, but retain the distinctive phytochemical complexity that provides advanced biological potency.

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Cosmetic formulations

We support our clients and partners with in-depth guidance for product integration, providing best practices around incorporating our botanical extracts and blends into their cosmetic formulas.

A scientist in GMB cosmetic lab

Dermatologically-focused clinical validation

We confirm the efficacy of final cosmetic products containing our botanical blends through widespread dermatological examination and reporting from hundreds of people, who suffer from an array of varied skin conditions. 

This process is conducted by our external partners, but we actively create protocols and perform our own analyses of the results in order to gain the deepest understanding of populations and the impact of our extracts.

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Quality assurance  

Ensuring that our products are of premium quality begins with thorough inspections of the herbal raw material through the entirety of the extraction process, up until the end of the product journey. 

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Our quality assurance process

  • Evaluation of cultivation conditions
  • Thorough inspection of the herbal raw material
  • Multiple rounds of chemical, physical, and microbial testing, throughout the extract process and blend production
  • Ensuring safety by removing and testing for heavy metals and pesticides
  • In vitro and clinical studies to validate safety and efficacy
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We strive to constantly improve and streamline our manufacturing process, prioritizing safety and efficacy while mitigating our environmental footprint. Our strict manufacturing guidelines serve as a safeguard to standardize the quality of our products.

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GMB manufacturing in china

Our knowhow and capabilities lead to creation of

GMB Botanical multifunctional products for holistic healing 

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