Green Mountain Biotech Ltd.
Privacy Policy

Green Mountain Biotech (“Green Mountain”, “We” or “Us”), develop, manufacture and market active botanical ingredients products extracted from Chinese medicinal plants for the cosmetic and personal care industries.
*Detailed information about the Green Mountain web site at the address: (the “Site”)

Green Mountain respects privacy. This privacy policy explains what personal information Green Mountain collects, how and for what purposes it is processed, when and for what purposes it is transferred to third parties, and data subjects’ rights in relation to such personal information.

Your use of the Site indicates your consent to this privacy policy. To the extent that you do not agree to this privacy policy, you must refrain from using the Site.

Please note that You are not legally required to provide personal information to Green Mountain, however without providing personal information You might not be able to receive answers to Your inquiries or receive related services.

* To assure appropriate protection to personal data and lawful cross border data transfers, Green Mountain entered into binding agreements (in addition to administrative and technological security measures that they maintain).
** Sub-processors are third parties that provide services to green mountain. For more information on sub processors please see below. Distributors are independent third parties that resale Green Mountain’s products their use of personal data is in accordance with their privacy policy.

Information We Receive and Collect:

Visiting the Site – If You just visit the Site, and you are not contacting us through the “Contact” tab, no more information is collected other than what is typically collected in server logs by web sites in general such as IP address, your browser type etc. Simply visiting the Site, does not expose your identity.
However, please note that your network IP address, depending on your connection, may be traceable and enable identification.

Contacting Green Mountain – when contacting Green Mountain, We collect first and last name, email address, phone number, workplace and job title (all – if provided).

How and for What Purposes We Use Personal Information:

Data Security – Green Mountain operates in accordance with an information security policy and implements technical and organizational security measures which are consistent with industry standards.

These measures include, among others: physical security, equipment protection, network security, limited access, access control, routine review of access privileges, access and use monitoring, encryption, and routine data backups.

Use of Personal Information – We use personal information for the following purposes:

1. To provide services for customers (including assistance, communicating, complying with customers’ requests etc.).

2. Security, cyber protection, and fraud detection.

3. Legitimate business interests, incident to the provision of the services.
Complying with applicable laws and regulations.

4. Customer surveys, marketing campaigns, market analysis, or promotional activities.

5. Use of aggregated or anonymized data for Services improvement and further development.

Sharing and Disclosing Personal Information:

Green Mountain may share personal data with its parent company for: service provision, assistance in marketing, customer relations management, and on aggregated base for Green Mountain high level management. Such data sharing will usually include only: first and last name, email address, workplace and role.

 We may share data (including personal data) with others in the following instances:

1. With our service providers for provision of the services (on a confidential basis) including security, cyber protection and fraud detection. A list of our main sub-processors is provided below. A full list is provided to the customer, or to potential customers upon request.

2. With our distributors, their use of personal data is in accordance with their privacy policy.

3. If We reasonably believe that You have breached the terms of use of the web site.

4. If You perform or attempt to perform any activity which We may reasonably believe to be illegal.

5. If We are required by applicable law to do so.

6. To investigate or handle actual or suspected fraudulent or criminal activities.

7. In any case of dispute, or legal proceedings.

8. When We reasonably believe that sharing information is necessary to prevent physical damage or serious damage.

9. When We reasonably believe that sharing is required in order to comply with your instructions.

Data Retention and Deletion:

Every person is entitled to review, by themselves or through their attorney (authorized in writing) or their guardian, personal information about them held by Green Mountain:

Upon your written request, Green Mountain will allow you to review personal information about you held by it, as long as there is no legal reason to reject the request.

The review arrangements will be determined from time to time by Green Mountain, while as much as possible, the review will be possible by sending information electronically or through remote communication.

In any case, if for any reason (You or any other person) wishes to delete or correct personal information, please contact us through the "Contact" form on the Site, and we will make reasonable efforts to change or delete any personal information subject to privacy protection laws and as long as there is no legitimate reason for rejecting the request.

Data Access:

Customer is entitled to review all information relating to it in our database. In order to do so, please contact Laurent Zaffran;

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

We may amend the terms of this privacy policy from time to time subject that such change will become effective after 30 days from its publishing, unless it is for Customers’ benefit, due to legal requirement or due to instruction of an authorized authority. We recommend that you read the privacy policy periodically.

If you disagree with an amendment (excluding technical amendments, or amendments in your favor) please stop using the Site.

Lists of Main Sub Processors:

Sub-processors  Name:  Amazon
Service Name:  Azure
Location:  California, USA
 Purpose:  Cloud services