About us

Innovation. Sustainability. Industry-leading research.
We are Green Mountain Biotech.

We develop, manufacture and market best-in-class, premium quality dermocosmetic ingredients extracted from Chinese medicinal botanicals for the cosmetic and personal care industries.

Backed by leading scientists and researchers, our botanical materials undergo rigorous and thorough testing for efficacy and safety, from field to final botanical blends.
Our research and development team is composed of experts in a diverse range of fields, including biology, chemistry, dermatology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Leveraging the rich perspectives of our multidisciplinary team members, we provide unique sustainable materials for powerful, safe use in advanced skincare products.

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Our values
GMB holds by three central principles that guide us on our mission to provide potent botanicals for our customers and consumers, with minimal adverse environmental and social impact.


Strict quality control and extensive clinical testing for safety and efficacy is our highest priority and supported by our diligent team of expert scientists and researchers. You can learn more about our testing process here. Our materials and products are vetted in a multi-step testing process, to ensure that our customers enjoy only the finest quality ingredients.

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Environmental and social responsibility

A crucial part of GMB`s stance on social and environmental responsibility is sustainable production with focus on the welfare of our employees, suppliers, and the communities in which our materials are grown and harvested. GMB supports a number of community education initiatives across the world, which empower children with knowledge about the power of traditional medicinal herbs and furthers future economic development on a local scale.

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Innovative Research

Our research and development teams are prominent professionals with expertise in their chosen fields, who tirelessly work to remagine and refine the uses and benefits of our materials. Beyond our company teams, our ongoing collaborations with external researchers and academic institutions means that we are always at the forefront of new developments in the field. Pursuing new technologies and advancements in botanicals and supporting creative ideas is part of our policy against complacency.  We are constantly looking to improve and streamline our processes and offerings in order to provide our customers with the very best botanical materials and ingredients on the market.

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