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"Can that which hath no savour be eaten without salt? or is there any taste in the slime of Purslane?"

Placing cucumber slices on the skin is considered beneficial and many people like the cool sensation.
Cucumbers are actually quite a good source of antioxidative and anti inflammatory  phytochemicals.
These that include caffeic acid and flavonoids such as #quercetin, #apigenin, #luteolin, and #kaempferol.

Caffeic acid serves both as antioxidant and as a building block for making lignin [1]. Its name could be misleading name since it has nothing to do with caffeine, and is abundant in many plants besides coffee.

Flavonoids are equally widespread, and very often found as glycosides, i.e. coupled to sugar molecules. In the plant they serve as pigments, antioxidants, development signals and pest deterrents [2]. Some flavonoids are exuded from the roots affecting the soil microbiome.  

Cucumbers slices are a convenient device for applying the phytochemicals mentioned above, but they are not necessarily the richest source. This brings us home to our own activities at Green Mountain Biotech , featuring extraction of botanical extracts for #dermacosmetic use.

Our extract from succulent #Portulacaoleracea (purslane) is an
excellent source of caffeic acid and some of the flavonoids mentioned earlier.

Two of our other botanical extracts are noteworthy for their flavonoids:
#Chrysanthemum indicum flower extract contains linarin, and luteolin,
#Scutallaria baicalensis root extract contains baicalin and related molecules.
These extracts are ingredients in botanical formulations intended for #acnetreatment and all three have positive effects on the #skinmicrobiome, favoring beneficial bacteria at the expense of the pathogenic bacteria implicated in acne [3].

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